Developing Leaders for the Global Church

OMS Theological Education

“Who Touched Me?” (Mark 5:25–34)

Not long ago, I was doing some reflection on the two main seminary courses I teach: Biblical Narrative and Introduction to Inductive Bible Study (IBS, Gospel of Mark). I was thinking about two questions: (1) What do I love about these courses? (2) What does each...

Are We Cleaning Empty Nets?

The greatest joy in my work with One Mission Society is relating to the leadership of our partner seminaries in Latin America. Nine schools in six countries form the Strategic Alliance of Latin American Seminaries (SALAS), a network that provides ideas for creative collaboration and opportunities for mutual enrichment and support…

Are you ready to go? (Acts 8:26–40)

         Are you ready to go wherever God sends you, and to do whatever he asks you to do, now matter how strange or impractical it seems? Philip was willing to do that in Acts 8:26–40. He was having a hugely successful ministry to the city of Samaria, who “with one...


Providing academically credentialed scholars for full-time and short-term teaching loads


Helping educational institutions reach optimal effectiveness thru best practices


Helping churches, organizations, and mission agencies develop missional leaders


Discipling leaders for spiritual maturity and fruitfulness in their lives, families, and ministries